Kara believes that healthcare should be accessible, affordable, and high quality for all.
Over the past two years, Kara has delivered:
  • Expanded HUSKY to all children through age 12
  • Created a new low-cost health insurance plan for up to 40,000 Connecticut families
  • Co-authored the bill for full health insurance coverage for early detection and diagnostics for breast and ovarian cancer—no premiums, no co-pays, no barriers to finding cancer early
  • Continued telehealth options, so healthcare is accessible easier
  • Created 24/7 mobile crisis intervention programs
  • $1.34 million for Griffin Hospital to replace an emergency generator
  • Required the Office of Health Care Strategy to ensure health care dollars go towards providing quality care and to keep prescription drug costs down
  • Invested millions in expanding childrens mental health programs across the state and in our community
  • Required health insurers to offer health enhancement plans where they encourage preventative care—saving money and improving health outcomes
  • Established a physician recruitment working group for retaining and expanding primary care, psychiatric, and behavior health providers
These efforts build on work Kara did in her first term, including capping the cost of insulin and mandating insurance coverage for pre-existing health conditions.
Illnesses of the brain must be treated as seriously as illnesses of the body, that is why Kara helped pass legislation to require insurance companies to cover both to the same standard.
Kara will continue the fight against the powerful health insurance lobby to make sure that each resident has access to affordable healthcare.