A good quality education is critical for our children’s and community’s future.  That’s why Kara has fought and got an increase in ECS funding for Ansonia and Derby’s education systems. The budget she voted on included an increase of nearly $3 million over two years for Ansonia and Derby schools.
Over the past two years, Kara delivered:
  • Expanded school-based health centers
  • Increased funding for child care workers
  • Supported CT’s debt-free community college initiative so more students can attain professional and technical job training and expanded eligibility to part-time students
  • Improved the special education reimbursement formula for our schools, prioritizing Ansonia and Derby
  • Created a grant program for schools to hire and retain more nurses, social workers, school counselors, and support staff
  • Required the CT Higher Education Supplemental Loan Authority to offer financial assistance to students enrolling in trade schools
  • Secured millions for new job training programs across the state, and coordinated the opening of an advanced manufacturing training program for adults right here in the 104th
  • Required school counselors to provide information to students on technical and career-oriented training schools
  • Increased funding for work opportunities for young adults
In addition, Kara is an advocate for accelerating the Education Cost Sharing Formula (ECS) to bring to our schools the resources that they are owed and deserve.
During her first term, Kara wrote, introduced, and passionately advocated for legislation expanding college level Advanced Manufacturing Certificate Programs into more high schools across the state. The bill provides opportunities for high school students and adults to access the technical job training needed to compete for the 12,000 good-paying manufacturing jobs currently open in our state. The bill passed with unanimous bipartisan support.
Early childhood interventions were made a priority under Kara’s leadership. Inspired by her mother’s passion for early childhood education as a daycare provider and her brother’s experience with autism, Kara authored a bill to make it easier for parents to access information on early childhood interventions, which will help infants and toddlers who have delays or disabilities meet their development and health related needs. The bill passed with unanimous bipartisan support, during Kara’s first term.
Kara will continue to make sure that our school districts have both the funding and types of educational options needed to succeed in the workforce.