Increasing Government Efficiency

Kara is focused on making the government process more streamlined and efficient. Both through the budget and legislative initiatives her efforts have created real savings for the people of Connecticut.
Because of sound budget practices which Kara advocated for, the state has made over $5 billion in additional payments to pay down 70 years of past pension debt. It is estimated that this will save taxpayers over $11 billion!┬áIn addition, Connecticut’s renegotiation of its retiree medical plan will save over $400 million over the next 3 years and is projected to reduce the state’s unfunded liability by $7.5 billion.
Connecticut has received credit rating increases over the past two years – reducing borrowing costs.
We are also moving more state services online – making it easier for you to connect with your government. Our state was recently recognized nationally by Tyler Technologies for its use of technology to streamline state government.
In just this past year, Kara worked to support the contracting standards board to increase oversight and accountability of state contracts. And Kara worked to consolidate Information Technology Departments and Human Resources Departments across state government.
    She also supported legislation to increase transparency by requiring state agencies to post meeting notices in one central location and to post contracts online. Together these steps help make sure taxpayers can participate in their government.
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