Supporting Hardworking Families

When Connecticut families need help, Kara Rochelle is there. From her working class upbringing and time working in restaurants, Kara understands the struggle families face to make ends meet. She will fight for good paying jobs, affordable healthcare and child care, and a decent way of life for her neighbors.
To help make our state more affordable, and keep more money in your pocket, Kara:
  • Established a CT Child Tax Credit of $250 for each child, up to 3 children, for middle and working class families
  • Increased the Earned Income Tax Credit from 30.5% to 41.5%, which will help over 2,500 tax filers in Ansonia and Derby
  • Increased the property tax credit to $300 and expanded eligibility to middle- and working-class tax filers
  • Lowered property taxes on cars to 32.46 mils – meaning lower car taxes for you in Ansonia and Derby
  • Eliminated the 25 cent gas tax until December, and is fighting to extend the tax break longer
  • Increased education funding to local schools by nearly $3million
  • Supported CT’s debt-free community college initiative so more students can attain professional and technical job training
  • Expanded the student loan payment tax credit – allowing more employers to assist their workers with loan repayment
  • Expanded guaranteed healthcare coverage for all children under 13
  • Increased funding for Care4Kids, the Parent-Child Resource Center, Birth to Three, and other vital programs to support the care and wellbeing of our children locally
    These accomplishments build on work Kara did in her first term, including establishing the Family & Medical Leave Insurance Program in Connecticut. The program ensures that nobody has to choose between a paycheck and caring for a sick family member. In addition, Kara worked to secure increases to the minimum wage, directly impacting nearly 6,000 residents in Ansonia & Derby – providing higher pay, economic stability, and a better quality of life.